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 GT Omega Masters 2015 championship

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PostSubject: GT Omega Masters 2015 championship    GT Omega Masters 2015 championship  EmptyWed Sep 10, 2014 8:29 am

GT Omega Masters 2015 championship  Annonce_zps946e3df1

Ok folks.

I'm really please to announce the 5th ESRA iRacing official season ! We started with an incredible Ford V8 SC championship back in 2012, then a very crowded Star Mazda season. DP Riley was our third car and.. last season we had a really great championships mixing 4 GT ballasted cars.

With the latest update, iRacing made a great work balancing the GT3 cars and after some testing we choosed to start another multi car championship with the 3 GT3 cars.. sadly we can't be sure when the Ford GT3 will be ready so we decided not to include it in the mix for now.

This year, we added some spice in the mix.. The beloved Corvette !! so yes, this year we will do a multi class championship !! That means very intense racing.. close racing.. means.. FUN.

Schedule can be found here :

Official Practice will be held every other tuesday from 19:00 CET for 4 hours.

Race day schedule :

18:30 : practice for 2 hours
20:30 : open qualification 60 minutes
21:30 : 60 minutes race*

We will throw a longer race in the shedule. Probably a 90 minute race.. yeah guys, don't forget there will soon be drivers swap in iRacing... means an endurance championship at ESRA too Wink
I'll put up a vote for wich date/track later on.

Rules :

- open setups
- default weather
- no fuel limitation
- no ballast
- no fast repairs
- no drop week
- rolling starts
- no waving during the pace lap
- drivers have to keep the same car throughout the championship
- team championship of two drivers, cars might be different (but on the same class!)
- we encourage people to use custom paints (looks way better on replays Wink )

Be sure to read the ESRA Rulebook.

ESRA have always be very cool on the rules and in nearly 3 years of racing the Safety Comittee only received a few protests.. that ended up to be pure racing incidents. But be aware that the safety committee will watch the replays with particular attention to the race start procedure. Dangerous driving during the first few laps will be severely frowned upon.

Multi class racing - multi class racing means a lot of passing.. and a lot of risks. As in real life, the fastest car will ALWAYS be responsible for the pass. If you are approching a slower car or a backmarker, take a second or two and think about the safest way to pass. 60 minutes race is pretty long and you don't want to loose your race in a dangerous pass. If you are the slower car, watch for blue flag.. if there is a blue flag waved at you, you'll probably get passed in a few seconds, so, don't fight the fastest car if you are not racing it. Also, you don't have to change your racing line, keep the ideal racing line, the fastest car will pass you later. What is easily done to make the pass safer is to ease up a bit on the next straight so the fastest car don't have to take any risk.

As there are two classes GT1 class with the Corvette and GT3 class with the Ruf Track, the Z4 and the Mc Laren, there will be a price offered from our long time sponsor GT Omega Racing for each winner.

We expect and hope to be able to offer a price (tbd) for the Mister Clean Award (less incident in the whole championship) - detailed rules about this later on.

Any questions please let me know.

Championship registration is obligatory and take place here :

GT Omega Masters 2015 championship  Bmw_zpsad0ba282
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GT Omega Masters 2015 championship
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